Thursday, 8 February 2018

Captain Victoria Haley Painted

Haley1 is done! She has been in my pairing for a while now and has done me proud I've really been enjoying using her so I figured I would upgrade to the new resculpt as a reward.

The hand of nope... that spell isn't gonna happen!

She was really fun to paint, I'm so much more impressed with this sculpt of her. It really is so much better than the old version of her.

What do you think of the newer Haley1 sculpt?
Well its on to painting Gators for me for a while at least...

Monday, 5 February 2018

Making terrain on a budget: Walls

Continuing my quest to finish up wip projects I finally got my walls which I made ages ago painted.
These are all on a thin piece of board which I cut to the same size as the official wall templates used in Warmachine and Hordes. 4" x 0.75"

The first wall is made of Barrels and Sand bags which I bought from Renedra you can find them here

The 2nd wall I wanted to look a bit different so the bulk of it is made up of the weapon from a Khador Marauder. I also put some rocks made from cork under the sand bags on one side to add a bit more variety.  

So what do you think of my walls?
I'm getting closer to having enough home made terrain for my table.
Next terrain projects I have in mind are to make some rubble and woods.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Terror Grub and Giant Slugs Painted

I got this lot ages ago from Heresy Minatures, they had been sat wip for a very long time, I saw one that someone else painted a day or so ago on Twitter which prompted me to finish mine!

I actually painted the inside of the mouth before I attached the part with all the teeth. Its really hard to see inside to notice so it was mainly for my own feeling of satisfaction!

I really enjoyed painting the yellow pustules blending them into the green of the skin.

The bone spikes poking out of its body all over make me think that I might make it have some defensive rules when I use it in RPG's

I have 6 Giant Slugs 2 of each sculpt, here they are front and back. These guys painted up nice and easy.

I plan to use them as Millasaurs for Necromunda and as random monsters for Iron Kingdoms RPG

What do you think of these guys? 
If you want them now is a great time to pick them up as they are currently on sale, you can find them here

Friday, 2 February 2018

Cygnar Army Completely Painted!

Its finally done! I have the whole of Cygnar painted mostly at max field allowance. I am so pleased to have the army finished.

So this section is my Sword and Precursor knights, along with the associated solos.

Storm knights led by Stryker1,2&3 and Maddox with their character jacks with them.

My Storm smith crew, I really enjoy running an army which is everything Stormsmith at max FA led by Nemo3. 

Darius leads the heaviest of my warjacks

My favourite theme in the army my Trenchers! These guys are what got me into the faction back in mk2. They may not have been that good back then but I loved how they looked.

My Gunmages, currently one of my favourite lists is all these gunmages together in the same army with Haley1 leading them.

So now I have to paint something else... which will likely be my Gatorman army.
So what do you think of my army now its all done?

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Lieutenant Bastian Falk Painted

So I actually finished Falk on new years eve but apparently forgot to post him up on my blog... so here he is at last! He is the last model I needed to paint to get my Cygnar army back to 100% painted! 

When I first painted my gunmage units years ago I found them really hard to paint as really didn't enjoy it which meant they took a long time to finish. Since then I have painted every other gunmage model that has come out and gradually it became easier and easier to paint them. Falk here went from undercoat to finished in less than 24 hours! I was pushing to get him done though as I really wanted to complete the whole faction in 2017!

So now Falk is done I will be moving on to painting other factions. I am currently painting the Haley1 resculpt though but once she is done I will likely be painting some Gatormen! Looking forward to painting something very different.

What do you think of Falk? Have you been using him much in your lists? I have been really enjoying the extra damage buff he brings to my Sons of the tempest list.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Lieutenant Gwen Keller Painted

Gwen Keller from the Company of Iron box set is painted! 

She was quite easy to paint up as I have my Storm knight colour scheme fully sorted at this point.

I'm not sure how often (if ever) she will see the table, but I wanted her painted up at least!
I think if she had a rule like "Leadership: Small base Storm knights gain Force barrier" she would see play for sure.

What do you think of Gwen Keller? Do you use her?

Friday, 19 January 2018

3 RPG/Proxy models Painted - Reaper miniatures

Here are a few minis which I painted up to use in the Iron Kingdoms RPG, as well as proxy stand in models for Warmachine.
All of these three models are Reaper Bones, which is the white plastic versions of Reapers models. Sometimes they can be lacking in detail in places or have details merge into one another but they are cheap and great for RPG minis.

This model is called Anwyn in the Reaper line but I use her for a gender swapped Rhupert Carvolo. I stole the idea from Trollock on the PP painting forums you can find his much better painted version here

She was a fun mini to paint though i often worried that the model might snap off the base at her ankles...

Rebecca next to Rhupert jamming presumably...

Reaper calls this mini Oswald the overladen, I have used him to represent a NPC that the party hired in my campaign of Iron kingdoms RPG. The party got very fond of this guy in the end, always trying to make him more of an active party member and less of a pack rat. He had no aptitude for combat however and nearly died on quite a few occasions...

Painting all the different things he is hauling around was a interesting challenge, I like how the green bottle ended up looking, and he had a whole plucked chicken hanging from his pack!

Arran Rabin as Reaper call this mini I used as an antagonist who fought the party on a few different occasions. She is an Alchemist/Cutthroat who used her alchemical grenades to hamper the parties efforts to catch her. 

I also like to have her as an gender swapped option for Gorman Di Wulfe

I'm guessing they are discussing new formula to put in their grenades?

What do you think of these RPG/Stand in models? I really like Reapers line of minis and have a few more that are wip on my painting table, so expect to see a few more of them in the future!